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Annual Lecture

Barlow and Mildner Lectures
Richard Colchester wins the Cullen prize for best student poster 2016
Poster presenting students
Dr Sajid Saleem wins the Fabrizio Lombardi prize for best graduating PhD 2010

Each year the Department holds a Memorial Lecture and Research Poster Presentation Day, alternating between the Barlow and Mildner Memorial Lectures. Here are the speakers and topics we have had over the last few years:

  • 2016 - Mildner Memorial Lecture by Professor John Martinis, UCSB and Lead Engineer of Google’s Quantum AI team, titled "What’s next after Moore’s law: Quantum Computing"
  • 2015 - Barlow Memorial Lecture by Jeannine Sargent, President of Innovation and New Ventures, Flextronics, titled "The Intelligence of Things: Transforming Markets and Industries"
  • 2014- Mildner Memorial Lecture by John Manvile, Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems, titled "Technology and Global Implications of The Internet of Things"
  • 2013 - Barlow Memorial Lecture by Professor David Mackay, Chief Scientific Advisor, DECC titled 'Energy - 2050 Pathways'.
  • 2012 - Mildner Memorial Lecture by Warren East, CEO ARM titled 'Low Power Technology Enabling a Smarter Future'.
  • 2011 - Barlow Memorial Lecture by Matthew Postgate, Controller Research & Development, BBC titled 'Being the BBC in the Information Age - Towards the New Broadcasting System'.
  • 2010 - Mildner Memorial Lecture by Prof. Lord Alec Broers, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering titled 'Engineering, Science and the Economy'.