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Computing Facilities

Computing hardware and software information

Main computer laboratory

computerlab.jpegThe department has a general access computing laboratory where students can access their work and applications including email and web browsers. It is stocked with 41 Sun Ultra 20 workstations running Linux and remote access to Microsoft Windows Servers which include the Microsoft Office suite.

The workstations have AMD Opteron Dual Core processors and run 64 bit operating systems with 20" LCD screens. Available software includes Matlab, Advanced Design System (ADS), Optsim and Mathematica. Two duplex laser printers are available in the laboratory.

Undergraduate teaching laboratory

teachlab.jpgThe lab comprises 30 PC's runnign Windows 7. All have access to the internet and to the Microsoft Office suite.

Oscilloscopes, signal generators and other electronic equipment are provided here to assist you gain knowledge in electronic and electrical principles.

Two laser printers are also available in the laboratory

Remote facilities

The department offers remote connectivity to its computing facilities via Sun's Secure Global Desktop. This allows students to access Microsoft Windows/Linux/Solaris services/applications off site, via a standard Java enabled web browser. Email is also available via the departments webmail server.

Wireless access

The department has a wireless network through which students can access UCL's wireless network facilities.