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Nanotechnology Lab

Details of the Nanotechnology Laboratory

The Nanotechnology Lab is a teaching and research facility designed to give MSc students a practical insight into different nanoscale characterisation tools such as AFM, STM and photoluminescence. These skills are acquired during the 12 week course ‘Experimental Techniques in Nanotechnology’ which is currently offered to students enrolled in the MSc in Nanotechnology. The lab is also available to research students and undergraduate students undertaking projects in this area.

The equipment in the Nanotechnology Laboratory is being used to research diamond electronics, crystal surfaces, photonics, solar cells and data recovery. Currently we have 3X Nanosurf Easyscan2 AFMs, 3X Nanosurf Easyscan2 STMs, a Veeco diDimension AFM, a Keithley 4200 semiconductor characterisation system and a LifeSpec ps photoluminescence kit.