Current Projects


EPSRC-Funded Projects


ESP-SD: Error-tolerant Stream Processing System Design (EP/M00113X/1)

EPSRC Standard Grant, £476,693, 2014-2017.


Efficient energy management in energy harvesting wireless sensor networks: An approach based on distributed compressive sensing.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £595,848, 2013-2016.


RC3: Robust cognitive cooperative communications.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £315,750, 2013-2016.


COMIT – Active content management at internet scale.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £487,000, 2013-2016.


Cooperative localisation: Distributed optimisation with hypothesis testing.

EPSRC Standard Grant (DSTL-EPSRC in Signal Processing), £117,268, 2010-2013.


EU-Funded Projects


GreenICN – Architecture and applications of green information centric networking.

EU FP7, £204,000, 2013-2016.


Flamingo – Network of excellence for the management of the future internet.

EU FP7, £268,000, 2012-2016.


C-DAX – Cyber-secure data and control cloud for power grids.

EU FP7, £358,000, 2012-2015.


UNIVERSELF – Realising autonomics for future networks.

EU FP7, £728,000, 2010-2013.



EU FP7, €835,818, 2013-2015



EU FP7, €172,000, 2013-2014


Other Funding


Interference as a source of green signal power in wireless communications.

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship, £550,000, 2011-2016.


REVQUAL - Resolving Visual Quality for Media

Technology Strategy Board, £277,360, 2014-2016.