Previous Projects


EPSRC-Funded Projects


WIDAGATE: Wireless data acquisition in gas turbine engine testing

EPSRC/TSB, 2009-2012.


High-performance MIMO transceiver design for single and multiuser wireless communications.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £589,081, 2007-2010.


Adaptive space and frequency modulations for high-quality high-speed wireless LANs.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £217,967, 2006-2009.


PeerLive – Real-time content distribution using incentives-based swarming and QoS overlays.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £467,667, 2006-2008.


MASTS – UKLight monitoring.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £413,885, 2004-2008.


PAQMAN – Policy analysis for quality of service management.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £210,000, 2004-2007.


PAN – Programmable ad hoc networking.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £165,000, 2003-2006.


PRO-NET - Production of broadcast content in an object-oriented IP-based network.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £115,000, 2000-2002.


Operational refinement of computation for multimedia coding systems.

EPSRC First Grant, €271,052, 2008-2011.


Optimization of wireless multimedia networks with MIMO antennas: A cross-layer approach.

EPSRC First Grant, £109,481, 2006-2009.


Bandwidth efficient multi-carrier system for wireless communications.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £353,768,  2006-2009.


Congestion control for the next generation of networks and applications.

EPSRC Standard Grant, £122,666, 2005-2008.


Feasibility study of spectrum slicing radio-over-fibre communications networks.

EPSRC First Grant, 2003-2004.


EU-Funded Projects


COMET – Content Mediator Architecture for Content-Aware Networks.

EU FP7, £634,000, 2010-2013.


CONET: Cooperating objects.

EU FP7 Network of Excellence, 2009-2012.


BONE - Building the Future Optical Network in Europe: The e-Photon/ONe Network.

EU FP7, 2008-2011.


EMANICS – Network of Excellence for the Management of Internet Technologies and Complex Services.

EU FP6, £225,000, 2006-2010.


ENTHRONE-II – End-to-end Quality of Service through Integrated Management of Content, Networks and Services.

EU FP6, £215,000, 2006-2008



EU FP7, €900,000, 2010-2012.


AGAVE – A Lightweight Approach for Viable End-to-end IP-based QoS Services.

EU FP6, £240,000, 2006-2008.


MESCAL – Management of End-to-end Quality of Service Across the Internet at Large.

EU FP5, £300,000, 2002-2005.


TEQUILA - Traffic Engineering for Quality of service in the Internet at Large.

EU FP5, £255,000, 2000-2002.


Other Funding


ESII – Enabling Secure Information infrastructure, Industrial MoD/QinetiQ, £150,000, 2007-2008.