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PhD students residential training at Cumberland Lodge

89% of attendees would definitely recommend the event

Over 40 first year PhD students and MRes students, including many from the department's CDTs in Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems and Delivering Quantum Technologies had an overwhelmingly positive experience at a 2 day residential training session at Cumberland Lodge, a beautiful, historic conference centre in the heart of the Great Park, Windsor.

This was the first time that the department has arranged such an event for new research students and the feedback was excellent. Students really welcomed the opportunity to meet the other students in their cohort and they found the session with past PhD students talking about their experiences and giving their advice the most useful session. Students also enjoyed unwinding by exploring the Great Park and socialising in the bar during the evening.

Other highlights of the programme included a discussion about research ethics and a session on how to plan and manage a research project.

Some selected comments from the feedback survey:

"Very useful to meet new friends and build a good professional network. Really useful courses and well organised."

"Thoroughly enjoyed it - every aspect!"

"The most useful element by far was the opportunity to meet people from outside of my research group - up to that point I had met perhaps 4-5 people."

"The ethics session was brilliant. Thought provoking and indeed raised a lot of questions about how I would act in those difficult situations. I think the fact that we are still having such discussions and being reminded of its importance is valuable indeed."

"This cohort will be together for the next four years, helping each other out, so it was great to meet people and have the free time in the evenings and the afternoon to chat casually and get to know one another. The rest of the sessions were great, Engaging, well presented, and pitched at the right level for us. Simply fabulous...It was a fantastic event, and I would recommend it in a heart beat."

This really was a great opportunity for students to meet their peers and some of the department's staff, and to pick up some invaluable information and advice and looks set to be run again next year! Thanks to Professor Tony Kenyon, Dr Kenneth Tong and Dr Sally Day for organising a great event!