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Student shortlisted for SET Award Finals

Biodegradable nanowires for neuroregenerative medicine

3rd year undergraduate student Joe Smith, supervised by Professor Richard Jackman, has reached the SET award finals in the Electronic and Electrical Engineering category. His research is based on biodegradable nanowires for neuroregenerative medicine. Joe believes that improving neuroregeneration by use of a conduit interfaced with nanowires will have a profound impact on society as peripheral nerve trauma accounts for 3% of all injuries. The embedded nanowire, if successful, may provide a standard for future bioengineered devices

The Awards are presented at a magnificent ceremony before an audience comprising of hundreds of technology students, academics, senior industry executives; as well as senior figures from government, scientific and technical institutions and the media

The 2013 Science, Engineering and Technology Student of the Year Awards Dinner & Presentation Ceremony takes place in Kensington Town Hall, London W8, from 7:00 pm on the evening of 26th September.