Art Through the ICT Lens


This research project develops signal processing, image processing, and machine learning technology ingesting multi-dimensional datasets acquired on paintings to unveil distributions of materials within artwork


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


This project is funded by the EPSRC.

Key Publications

Title: Artificial intelligence for art investigation: Meeting the challenge of separating x-ray images of the Ghent Altarpiece
Authors: Z. Sabetsarvestani, B. Sober, C. Higgitt, I. Daubechies, M. R. D. Rodrigues
Journal/Conference: Science Advances

Abstract: X-ray images of polyptych wings, or other artworks painted on both sides of their support, contain in one image content from both paintings, making them difficult for experts to “read.” To improve the utility of these x-ray images in studying these artworks, it is desirable to separate the content into two images, each pertaining to only one side. This is a difficult task for which previous approaches have been only partially successful. Deep neural network algorithms have recently achieved remarkable progress in a wide range of image analysis and other challenging tasks. We, therefore, propose a new self-supervised approach to this x-ray separation, leveraging an available convolutional neural network architecture; results obtained for details from the Adam and Eve panels of the Ghent Altarpiece spectacularly improve on previous attempts.