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MSc Telecommunications with Business Pre Apply Form

It is expected that demand for the limited number of places on this programme will very high. We are therefore operating a pre-screening process, prior to formal application. We welcome applications from those with a variety of backgrounds in Engineering and the Physical Sciences. The minimum academic qualification for recent graduates is a Second Class Honours degree (or equivalent). Individuals with significant industrial experience (and without such a qualification) may also be considered (or may wish to consider the Flexible Programme. All applications will be required to meet UCL’s English Language requirements.

Please note that currently no financial assistance is available from the Department for this course.

Please note that this does not constitute a formal application. Following initial consideration of your pre-application, you will be invited to make a formal application to UCL using the UCL standard application form.

Prefered method of study  


Please given brief details of you education since 17, starting with the most recent qualifications (include College/University Name, Qualification, class/grade/GPA and date of award. Where appropriate include professional qualifications.


Please provide details of any professional experience that is relevant to your application.