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Welcome to the Optical Devices and Systems

Our research includes the mathematical design, computer modelling, clean room fabrication, experimental measurement and analysis of optical interconnections, devices and systems. We have a track record of combining a powerful range of analytical and numerical modelling techniques with pioneering fabrication and high precision measurement techniques. Comparison of theory and experiment enables us to gain an insight into the physical behaviour of light in the structures that we study. Maintaining close links with industry keeps our research fresh and relevant to solve industries most urgent problems.

  • Design rules and fabrication techniques for low cost, optical polymer multimode waveguides integrated into optical printed circuit boards, OPCBs.
  • Low cost, active, 4-channel, duplex, 10 Gb/s per channel, connectors incorporating self alignment, 4 VCSEL 850 nm optical sources with drivers, 4 photodiode detectors with receivers
  • The theory and experimental fabrication and measurement of nematic liquid crystal devices.
  • Tuneable liquid crystal filled, Fabry-Perot, polarisation insensitive, narrow band, wavelength filters.
  • Tuneable liquid crystal micro-prism image deflectors
  • Tuneable liquid crystal microlenses
  • Holographic gratings with pitches of the order of the wavelength of light, holographic optical elements and high density holographic storage
  • Real time, streaming video image processing and pattern recognition
  • LED colour separating backlights for illumination of liquid crystal displays
  • High sensitivity optical detection of coherent light in strong incoherent light background
  • Computer modelling of optical waveguides, non-linear optical waveguides, liquid crystal devices and even radar systems