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Kari Clark


Kari was born and educated in Kent, UK.  He received his BSc MPhys degree in Physics from the University of Warwick in 2013.  For his final year project, he worked with Prof Steve Dixon to successfully image ultrasound in water using Schlieren photography.

He spent the following year completing two internships in industry.  The first of these was based at Aeristech Limited, an automotive research and development company, and the second at JF Machines Limited, an industrial label printer manufacturer.

He joined the Optical Networks Group as an MPhil/PhD student in October 2014, with funding from Inphi Corporation, a high speed analogue semiconductors company.  He is currently exploring the use of source synchronous protocols to improve power consumption in data centre scale optical networks, under the supervision of Dr. Philip Watts.


Project Title

Source Synchronous Protocols for Future Low Energy and Latency Integrated Photonic Transceivers


Dr Philip Watts


Kari is funded by Inphi Corporation.