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Eight ONG Papers Accepted for OFC 2015

Eight papers from the Optical Networks Group will be presented at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2015.

OFC, the largest global optical communication conference, will be held in Los Angeles from 22nd - 26th March 2015. The eight ONG papers to be presented are:

Accepted for oral presentation:

LDPC Codes for Optical Channels: Is the “FEC Limit” a Good Predictor of Post-FEC BER?
A. Alvarado, E. Agrell, D. Lavery, P. Bayvel

On Optimal Modulation and FEC Overhead for Future Optical Networks
A. Alvarado, D.J. Ives, S.J. Savory, P. Bayvel

Experimental Demonstration of 75 ns End-to-End Latency in an Optical Top-of-Rack Switch
P. Andreades,Y. Wang, J. Shen, S. Liu, P.M. Watts

On Parameter Optimization for Staircase Codes
C. Häger, A. Graell i Amat, H.D. Pfister, A. Alvarado, F. Brännström, E. Agrell

Assessment of Options for Utilizing SNR Margin to Increase Network Data Throughput
D.J. Ives, P. Bayvel, S.J. Savory

Reach Enhancement of 100% for a DP-64QAM Super-Channel using MC-DBP
R. Maher, D. Lavery, D. Millar, A. Alvarado, K. Parsons, R. Killey, P. Bayvel

Accepted for poster presentation:

LDPC Coded Modulation with Probabilistic Shaping for Optical Fiber Systems
T. Fehenberger, G. Böcherer, A. Alvarado, N. Hanik

Transceiver-Limited High Spectral Efficiency Nyquist-WDM Systems
D.S. Millar, R. Maher, D. Lavery, T. Koike-Akino, A. Alvarado, M. Paskov, K. Kojima, K. Parsons, B.C. Thomsen, S.J. Savory, P. Bayvel