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The Photonic Innovations Lab’s mission is to advance the fundamental understanding of light and its interaction with matter. Our research efforts contribute toward tackling some of the world’s most urgent challenges.

Within the group we nurture a new generation of scientists and equip the with the skillsets to become independent researchers with the power to help society. Research themes include: clean and renewable energy generation; improving the energy efficiency of the built environment; medical devices; visible light communications and others.

We take a holistic approach, covering all elements of the research chain from design and theoretical modeling to fabrication and experimental characterisation. We interact with scientists from a variety of disciplines with whom we share knowledge and resources because we understand that cross-“disciplinarity” frequently stimulates radically new ideas.

The composition of our group is a micrograph of this approach as our members stem from a wide variety of backgrounds including Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

The group deeply appreciates the importance of technology transfer from the lab to the market. Although our primary involvement is with long term, curiosity driven research, we also work closely with our industrial partners to commercialise our more applied concepts.