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Our Publications

Recent Highlights


New paper published in Materials Today Energy: "TiO2 nanofiber photoelectrochemical cells loaded with sub-12 nm AuNPs: Size dependent performance evaluation". The work was led by Dr Tom Macdonald and involved an interdisciplinary team from UCL, Imperial College, Flinders University and University of Queensland. In this research, photoelectrochemical cells (PECs) assembled with 8 nm AuNPs showed ∼20% improvement in the average power conversion efficiency compared to the control PECs without AuNPs. The highest performing PEC achieved a power conversion efficiency of 8%, which to the best of our knowledge, is among the highest reported for scattering layers based on pure anatase TiO2 nanofibres. 


Our work on ultrasensitive plano-concave optical microresonators for ultrasound imaging has been published in Nature Photonics. The work carried out in collaboration with Prof. Paul Beard's and Dr Adrien Desjardin's groups, both in Medical Physics, demonstrated highly sensitive miniaturised ultrasound receivers that can transform minimally invasive operations. 


The first demonstration of in vivo tissue visualisation with our all-optical ultrasound transducer was published in the journal Nature: Light Science & Applications. The work was carried out with collaborators from the St Bart's Hospital and UCL Departments of Medical Physics and Chemistry.  


Our study on the Impact of curvature on the optimisation of luminescent solar concentrators has been published in Optics Letters. The letter discusses how optimal LSC concentrations can vary by a factor of two for bent or flat configurations. The paper was selected as an Editor's pick.


Our work on novel optical ultrasound transmitters has been published in Applied Physics Letters. This is the first time electrospinning has been reported on an optical fibre endface. This can be used in novel optical fibre sensors and lab-on-fibre applications.


Our study exploring the linking of organic dyes and inorganic quantum dots has been published in the journal Nano Energy. We show experimentally to which extent the linking of inorganic, broadband absorbers to high quantum-yield organic emitters enhances the performance of a luminescent solar concentrator.


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