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Our Research

Luminescent Solar Concentrators


Luminescent Solar Concentrators are an aesthetically pleasing solar energy generating device comprised of polymers doped with fluorophores such as fluorescent dyes, quantum dots or rare earth materials. The device absorbs light which is then reemitted, concentrating it towards the edges, where a solar panel can be placed. Our group simulates, develops, fabricates, characterises and optimises the technology, with the ambition of a brighter future. Read More ...

Multi-functional Adaptive Windows

The objective of this project is to develop intelligent window insulation technologies using sustainable raw materials. Two parallel concepts will be developed: i) A new class of intelligent glazing based on thermochromic coatings for new window installations, and, ii) a flexible, intelligent, polymer film based on thermochromic nanoparticles to retrofit existing window installations. Both solutions will be enhanced with unique anti-reflective and self-cleaning properties, bringing about additional economic benefits through a substantial reduction in maintenance costs. Read More ...