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New Imaging Methods Project

Detection of Cancer Biomarkers
New Imaging Methods Project

Nanotechnology Research

This EPSRC sponsored research project forms part of the cross council programme of Grand Challenges in Nanotechnology for Healthcare. The research project involves the development of a novel Multi-frequency Electrical Impedance Tomography (MfEIT) imaging system, suitably enhanced with the use of nanotechnology principles to detect colon cancer biomarkers (indicators of the disease). MfEIT is a non-invasive imaging technique based on non-ionizing radiation. It uses low level electrical measurements.

This cross-disciplinary project is a partnership between Middlesex University, UCL, City University, and a number of clinical and industrial collaborators. The research to be carried out in the Sensors, Systems and Circuit Group at University College London, will focus on the development of the instrumentation electronics using mixed-signal integrated circuit design techniques. The project is also featured in the UCL News.