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Changing the World

Community Research Forums

UCL is reaching out to local communities in London to help solve their problems to increase the impact benefits of UCL research in a sustainable social context. In most proposals for funding it is becoming very important to quantify the impact benefits of the research in a real social context. This is being done through the UCL Engineering Exchange who together with the London Sustainability Exchange are running a series of community forum events to generate new community based research projects. These sandpit style events will bring community groups together with researchers and engineers to develop new project ideas. There is some seed funding available to support the best project proposals.

The next event on 22nd February is on the important relevant topic of 'Health, ageing and mobility'. Community groups, Academics, Postdocs and PhD students are invited to attend and to participate in this event. You may already see how your research expertise may be relevant to this topic which may include skills in wearable technology, sensors, big data analytics, image processing, biomedical engineering, healthcare engineering technology, mobility, assisted living, accessibility.

There is another event on 29th February at UCL on "Smart, Sustainable London" which may include technologies and applications such as remote gas sensing, water and gas flow monitoring through pipes, railway track monitoring, sensors, big data analysis, image processing, internet of things, mobile phone tracking and apps, security, internet, wireless communications, energy and water efficiency; smart meters; using data in planning and decision-making; sustainable transport; the Circular Economy (recycling and re-using waste); community gardens.

The events are scheduled to run from 4 - 9 pm to accommodate local community groups.

The Engineering Exchange is keen to hear project ideas and issues from community groups across London. If you would like to work with the UCL Engineering Exchange, please contact Charlotte Barrow ( or Sarah Bell (