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New EU-Japan project on Green and Content Centric Networks

Awarded to Prof. George Pavlou and Dr Ioannis Psaras

UCL has been recently awarded a new collaborative project jointly funded by the European and Japanese funding authorities in a special EU-Japan call on "Green and Content Centric Networks". The resulting project is titled Architecture and Applications of Green Information-Centric Networking (GreenICN) and is expected to foster closer collaboration among the universities and industries involved and more generally between Europe and Japan. The principal investigator is Professor George Pavlou while the senior researcher involved is Dr Ioannis Psaras, leading the project at UCL. They both have extensive experience in the information-centric networking area and have already made significant early contributions in this research field through the previous EU FP7 COMET project (2010-2013). The overall project budget is €3,5M with €1,5M for the EU and Japan sides, with the UCL budget being €245K. The project starts on the 1 April 2014 and it will end after 3 years on the 31 March 2017.

Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is a new paradigm where the network provides users with named content, instead of communication channels between endpoints. Research on ICN is at an early stage, with many key issues still open, including naming, routing, resource control, security, privacy and a migration path from the current Internet. In addition, current proposals do not sufficiently address energy efficiency. GreenICN aims to bridge this gap, addressing how the ICN network and devices can operate in a highly scalable and energy-efficient manner. The project will exploit the designed infrastructure to support two exemplary application scenarios: 1) The aftermath of a disaster e.g., hurricane or tsunami, when energy and communication resources are at a premium and it is critical to efficiently distribute disaster notification and critical rescue information; and 2) Scalable, efficient publish/subscribed style video delivery, a key requirement in both normal and disaster situations.

The project team comprises organisations and researchers with diverse expertise: system and network equipment manufacturers (Panasonic JP, NEC Germany/EU and NEC JP), a startup (CEDEO Italy/EU), a telecommunication operator (Orange Labs Poland /EU) and seven research institutions (University of Gottingen Germany/EU, University College London UK/EU, University of Rome Italy/EU, KDDI Labs JP, University of Tokyo JP, University of Osaka JP and Waseda University JP). The consortium is very well positioned to design, prototype and deploy GreenICN technology, and validate usability and performance of real-world GreenICN applications, contributing to create a new, low-energy, Information-Centric Internet. The team's experience in standardisation will also enable it to make major contributions to standards bodies in this emerging high-importance area.