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Honorary degree for Professor Polina Bayvel

Awarded by the University of South Wales (USW)
Honorary degree for Professor Polina Bayvel

Professor Polina Bayvel

Head of UCL's Optical Networks group, Professor Polina Bayvel, Professor of Optical Communications and Networks, has received an honorary doctorate from the University of South Wales (USW).

Students from Diploma to PhD level wore new graduation gowns and mortarboards in the University colours of red and grey at one of the first graduation ceremonies for USW students and those collecting honorary degrees.

On receiving her Honorary Degree (Doctorate of Science), Professor Bayvel thanked the University of South Wales, in Welsh, for the great honour of bestowing this degree upon her and for the recognition of her achievements, the greatest of which was to help educate, train and shape the careers of many science and engineering students. She went on to congratulate the graduates and remind them of the importance of maximising the product of (aptitude x enjoyment) in their choice of careers.

Prof Bayvel is quoted in the University's Graduation brochure with the following words:

"If one is good at something but does not enjoy it - the result is a zero and the experience is mind-numbing. Equally - enjoyment of something for which one has no aptitude is deeply frustrating. Samuel Smiles, a doctor, writer and social reformer in the Victorian era, declared that "Every human being has a great mission to perform, noble faculties to cultivate, a vast destiny to accomplish." What will be your mission and your destiny? Whatever it is, be proud of what you have achieved so far, warmest congratulations to you and your families and good luck!"

The research of Prof Bayvel's group, which she set up in 1994, is focused on the analysis and design of high-capacity adaptive optical network architectures, wavelength-routing algorithms, high-speed optical fibre transmission and the study and mitigation of fibre nonlinearities using a variety of signal processing techniques. Prof Bayvel leads the £4.75M UK EPSRC Programme 'UNLOC - Unlocking the capacity of optical communications', in collaboration with Aston University and 13 industrial partners. If you have any questions about the group or our research or wish to apply for a PhD or a postdoctoral position, please contact Prof. Polina Bayvel

Photo courtesy of University of South Wales.