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Introduction to Airborne Radar textbook is number 1 best seller on Amazon

Edited by Professor Hugh Griffiths

A new edition of the popular introductory Stimson textbook on airborne radar has been ranked in the top spot in the radar technology section of (Scitech publishing, an imprint of the IET are hosting a freely available sample chapter). The book is edited by the department’s world expert on radar, Professor Hugh D. Griffiths and this 3rd Edition contains significant new material compared to the 2nd Edition.

The book has received great reviews with one reviewer describing it as ‘a masterpiece in the Radar community and virtually flawless.’ The book is ideal for introductory courses in Radar and also suitable for non-technical audiences interested in learning more about the most recent trends in Radar.

Commenting on the success of the book, Professor Griffiths said “I am delighted that this new edition is proving a worthy successor to the classic, original Stimson book on the subject and will help a new generation of readers learn about radar technology.”

Professor Hugh D. Griffiths has published over 500 technical articles and papers and is the Editor-in-Chief of the IET Journal Radar, Sonar and Navigation. In 2013, he won the prestigious AF Harvey prize from the IET. Professor Griffiths’ co-authors are Christopher Baker, a Research Scholar in Integrated Sensor Systems at The Ohio State University and David Adamy, an internationally recognized expert in electronic warfare with over 47 years’ experience in the field.