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New EPSRC Grant Awarded to Dr Wong

Cooperative localisation: Distributed optimisation with hypothesis testing

Critical locational information has long been used in a variety of military settings, and various location-based services (LBSs) have emerged in the market, from identifying the whereabouts of a friend or employee to personalised LBS such as discovering the nearest cash machine. It is estimated that LBSs will generate annual revenues of the order of 10 billions worldwide. Providing a useful localisation will require, in some cases, metre-perfect resolution to be achieved over air. To achieve the needed LBSs, this project proposes to investigate the use of mobile user cooperation for localisation. The novelty of user or node cooperation lies in that nodes can work collaboratively by proper relaying to mitigate the multipath interference that can help identify the line-of-sight (LoS) for ranging in the presence of delay paths. The cooperation can, more importantly, exchange locational information from one node to another so that location ambiguity due to the lack of LoS signal paths could be removed and higher resolution can also be achieved.

  • Funding Body: EPSRC
  • Principal Investigator: Dr Kit Wong
  • Proposed start date: 01/02/10
  • Duration: 36 months