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Knowledge Transfer project: Techna International

Dr Kenneth Tong gains approval for a power electronics KTP.



Congratulations to Dr Kenneth Tong from the Systems, Sensors and Circuits Group who has gained approval for a power electronics Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP) in partnership with Techna International Ltd. The aim of the project is “To establish a high voltage programmable current source automated testing facility and use this to enable new product development.” This will be funded by the Technology Strategy Board and Techna International Ltd, based in Watford. The total project value is £152,000 and will be delivered over a 2 year period. Dr Tong will lead on the KTP and will shortly be recruiting a KTP Associate to deliver the project on a full time basis, under his supervision. For more information please contact Dr Tong.


John Mestitz, Managing Director of Techna International and UCL alumnus said “Our new KTP project with UCL will bring significant benefits to Techna and enable us to penetrate new markets with the advanced technology we create. Simultaneously our planned developments in manufacturing test & automation will improve Techna’s competitive edge whilst boosting UK employment and productivity. As a UCL graduate myself 20 years ago, it’s great to be back working with UCL again!”

For more information about KTP see: and Techna International Ltd:

Video describing Knowledge Transfer Partnership