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Prof Sir Pepper awarded Faraday Medal

Pioneering the physics of semiconductor nanostructures
Prof Sir Pepper awarded Faraday Medal

Professor Sir Michael Pepper

Professor Sir Michael Pepper from the department has been awarded the Faraday Medal for pioneering the basic and applied physics of advanced semiconductor structures. Building on his use of devices for investigating electron transport in disordered systems, he pioneered the physics of semiconductor nanostructures introducing techniques now used worldwide in proposed quantum information systems.

Sir Michael was the founding Managing Director of Toshiba Research Europe, Cambridge. He also started the extremely successful quantum communications programme. He co-founded the company TeraView which uses semiconductor devices to generate terahertz radiation and has pioneered new, unsuspected, applications of the radiation in medicine, security and industrial process control.

Sir Michael will be presented with his Medal at the President’s Address on 3 October 2013 at the Royal Institution

About the Faraday Medal

The Faraday Medal of the IET is a bronze medal first established in 1922 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the first Ordinary Meeting of the Society of Telegraph Engineers.

It is the most prestigious of the IET Achievement Medals, it is awarded for notable scientific or industrial achievement in engineering or for conspicuous service rendered to the advancement of science, engineering and technology or for lifetime achievement. The Award is made without restriction as regards nationality, country of residence or membership of the IET.

Recipients of the award are chosen by the IET Awards and Prizes Committee and are endorsed by the IET Knowledge Management Board.