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UCL-Aston UNLOC project in the news

Extending the limits of optical communications

UNLOC is the UK research programme focused on unlocking the capacity of optical communications. This is a collaborative project between UCL and Aston University.

UNLOC is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in collaboration with 13 project partners. UNLOC's research is focused on optical communication systems and networks that go beyond the limits of current technology, maximise channel capacity and are tailored to the nonlinear optical channel.

The project has recently been in the news:

UNLOC PIs Polina Bayvel (UCL, Andrew Ellis and Sergei Turitsyn (Aston University) wrote an opinion piece about the future of UK broadband which appeared today in the Conversation. See

The project also published its latest press release based on a research work conducted under a BBC R&D and UNLOC collaboration: