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Grant Award: Terahertz Technology

EPSRC award to study a Micro-resonator Probe for THz Near-field Imaging Beyond the Diffraction Limit
Grant Award: Terahertz Technology

Map of a short EM pulse exiting a waveguide

Development of Terahertz (THz) technology demands specialized methods for THz signal detection. Near-field THz microscopy, which allows probing THz waves on the scale substantially smaller than the wavelength, is key to advancing THz device research and fundamental ultrafast physics research.

Diverse areas of research, from THz plasmonic devices and waveguides to condensed-matter physics, can benefit from this imaging and spectroscopy method. The aim of this programme is to enable non-invasive high spatial resolution near-field THz microscopy. This technology will expand the spectrum of THz studies to micrometre-scale objects. It will aid in the progress of THz device research and will facilitate studies of THz phenomena in physics and materials science.