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Quantum Machine Learning

Talk by Prof Seth Lloyd from MIT.
When May 22, 2018
from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM
Where XLG1 Lecture Theatre,Christopher Ingold Building
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Talk by Prof Seth Lloyd from MIT, currently visiting Oxford University.

Quantum systems are well known to generate patterns in data that classical systems can't generate. Can quantum information processors also recognize and classify patterns in data that classical systems can't recognize or classify? This talk gives an introduction to the field of quantum machine learning. Quantum computers can perform operations in linear algebra -- Fourier transforms, finding eigenvectors and eigenvalues, matrix inversion, etc. -- exponentially faster than their classical counterparts. Consequently, quantum computers could provide a significant advantage over classical machine learning for performing common machine learning techniques such as principal component analysis and support vector machines. Deep quantum learning networks may be able to generate and classify patterns that their classical counterparts cannot.


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