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THz near-field microscopy

Opening doors to studies of new graphene devices for THz frequencies.
THz near-field microscopy

Space-time THz near-field map showing excitation and propagation of THz surface waves on graphene

Graphene could be a promising platform for next-generation nano-plasmonic devices. Dr Oleg Mitrofanov's lab within the department have used novel THz near-field microscopy to investigate graphene and have observed surface waves. Near-field images reveal that the THz field in vicinity of graphene ribbon arrays can be either reduced or enhanced, depending on the orientation of the ribbon with respect to the polarization of the THz wave and the array periodicity. The observed intriguing properties hold promise for new applications of graphene in a range of THz device applications from tuneable THz filters for THz communications to graphene-based THz sensors. This THz near-field microscopy technique also opens the possibility of non-invasive probing of local THz properties of graphene with sub-wavelength spatial resolution for investigations of surface plasmon phenomena in graphene.

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