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Where technology and fashion converge

UCL to host Cambridge Wireless conference focusing on the wearable technology revolution

With future fashion technologies from wearable devices to innovative materials and augmented reality set to revolutionise our lifestyles, health and the way we look, UCL in partnership with Cambridge Wireless (CW) has organised a major London conference to focus on the exciting opportunities as well as practical challenges presented by the convergence of fashion and technology.

Seen by many as this year’s biggest buzz within the technology industry, the wearable technology market is predicted to grow rapidly over the next few years, driven by both specialised technology start-ups and global giants. At the UCL-CW ‘On Trend - High Fashion Meets Technology’ event on Thursday 27th March, leading industry experts will address the need for products which are fashionable, desirable and useful; the opportunities which new advances in technology bring; the challenges to overcome for successful product design; the barriers to mass market adoption; and the opportunities for alliances and partnerships between the fashion and technology industries. The event is sponsored by the Breakthrough Information Technology Exchange Hub (BITE) which aims to link business and academia together by providing fully funded industry placements for early career researchers in EEE and CS in exchange for industry mentoring

Significant investments are being made in a race to bring new products to market, and learning from early adopters is essential to create new categories of wearable products. In order to grow the market and for widespread adoption of these new gadgets there is growing awareness by technology companies of the need to understand and embrace the world of fashion.

small_sday.jpgDr Sally Day, Senior Lecturer, UCL who will give a keynote talk at the event comments: “Design is a vital part of engineering so I am sure that this Cambridge Wireless event on fashion and technology will find more in common than a cursory glance might expect. Technology is developing at astonishing rates and much has been made recently of 'wearable' technology, but for this to be truly successful it is vital that the design is right and this can only happen with the technologists and fashion designers communicating and practicing engineering together.”

Peter Whale, Board Member, CW and Future Devices SIG Champion, says: “This event acknowledges the essential relationship between fashion and technology in the emergent “wearable technologies” space. Technology makes amazing new experiences possible; fashion designers create products which are attractive and desirable and help us to express our identity. In order for a new generation of wearable technology products to be successful in the market, both the fashion and the technology industries need to speak each other’s language and to partner together to make successful products. This event is set to be an important catalyst for encouraging these conversations to occur and facilitating future market success.” Soraya Jones, Chief Executive, CW said: “We have a premium panel of speakers from fashion design, material science and wireless technology, including Sonny Vu of Misfits Wearables and Francesca Rosella of CuteCircuit. Our carefully prepared agenda will deliver presentations, interactive sessions and workshops designed so delegates have every opportunity to extend their learning.”

Set in the historic surroundings of University College London, On Trend – High Fashion meets High Technology will be taking place on Thursday 27th March 2014 from 09:30.

Providing essential insights and unrivalled networking opportunities are hallmarks of CW events. Chairing this particular SIG event are SIG Champions Abhi Naha of Zone V, Peter Whale of Qualcomm and John Roe from Accenture, with the interactive design session chaired by Geoff McCormick from Alloy.

For more information or to register for this event, please visit the Cambridge Wireless website