SAHD 2014

SAHD 2014

The UCL-Duke Workshop on Sensing and Analysis of High-Dimensional Data, which acts as the European counterpart of the Biannual Duke University SAHD Workshop, aims to bring together leading researchers in the general fields of mathematics, statistics, computer science and engineering that work at the intersection of computational statistics, machine learning, signal processing, information and learning theory, and computer science, with the goal to advance the field of sensing, analysis and processing of high-dimensional data.

The workshop is taking place at the Roberts Engineering Building, University College London, on 4-5 September 2014. The workshop is being hosted by the following UCL and Duke faculty: R. Calderbank (Duke), L. Carin (Duke), I. Daubechies (Duke), A. Gretton (UCL), M. Rodrigues (UCL), G. Sapiro (Duke), J. Shawe-Taylor (UCL), P. Wolfe (UCL).

Our local organisers and volunteers are: Tim Bodley-Scott, Sebastian Carrington, Vicky Coombes, Sharon Edwards, Wittawat Jikrittum, Rhiannon Lloyd, Paul McKenna, João Mota, Jure Sokolic, Heiko Strahmann.

The workshop videos are now available

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