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Research Facilities

Veeco GEN 930 Twin Chamber System:  Two Veeco GEN 930 chambers working on different materials have been connected with a vacuum chamber in UCL.The advantage of this twin chamber system is the epitaxial growth compatility of III-V material and group IV material.  Wafers can be grown in group IV chamber than transfer into III-V chamber for further III-V growth under high vacuum.  See more details of III-V MBE and Group IV MBE here.

Nanometrics RPM2000 rapid photoluminescence mapper: The rapid photoluminescence mapper is a Nanometrics RPM2000, and was installed in 2010. This system has been fully functional for daily use in quality control of epitaxy wafers since the installation. The RPM2000 has been equipped with three lasers (532 nm, 635 nm, and 980 nm) and two detectors (CCD and extended InGaAs detectors) to cover a wide measurement range from around 600 to 2100 nm. The system is also specifically designed to accommodate both small samples and whole wafers (up to 6 inch). The RPM2000 is capable of producing high spatial (100 µm) and spectral resolution PL mappings, giving true image quality of PL quality of epi-wafers. 

Temperature-dependent photoluminescence measurement: Our self-setup photoluminscence measurement has a 532-nm green laser as excited source, Si and Ge detector which has different coverage on wavelength. The vacuum pump and liquid hellium compressor provide the temperature dependent measurement from 10K to room temperature.

Jordan Valley D1 X-ray diffraction instrument: The XRD instrument is a D1 system from Jordan Valley, and was installed in 2010. This system is a flexible and fast operating system for MBE grown thin-film materials research and quality control. The system is currently fully functional with excellent conditions. The system has fully automated source optics for rapid measurements, and for switching between different modes, e.g. from standard XRD to High-Resolution mode, without user intervention. The system has a robust 5-axis Eulerian cradle capacity for wafer mapping up to 6 inch.  

Felcon laminar flow wet bench: There are two Felcon laminar flow wet benches installed with the MBE systems in 2010 to provides an ultra-clean (class 100) area for sample preparation for MBE growth. 

Bentham spectral responsivity system: The Bentham spectral responsivity system is a newly acquired custom-designed equipment for measuring spectral responsivity for wavelengths up to 20 µm. The system is interfaced with a Janis CCS150 closed-cycle cryostat for temperature-dependent measurement from 10 to 350 K.  

Bentham Mid-IR PL Measurement System: Bentham Mid-IR PL Measurement System has been set up in 2015, which is designed for the PL measurement at mid-IR wavelength. The system is also interfaced with a Janis CCS150 closed-cycle cryostat for temperature-dependent measurement from 10 to 350 K.