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Veeco GEN 930 Group III-V MBE

Veeco Gen 930 III-V MBE system: UCL III-V MBE systems has three group III sources includes Indium, Gallium and Aluminium; three group V sources includes Phosphorus, Arsenic and Antimony; doping cells Silicon and Beryllium.  The system has been installed in UCL since 2009. High quality III-V materials grown on Si has been developed on this machine especially III-V quantum dots laser and self-catalysted nanowire on Si. High performance InP based (UTC) and GaAs based devices (HEMT) have been carried out by this machine during the past years. 


The unique of this MBE system is the compatiablity of Phosphorus and Antimony which could cover the wavlength from visaible to Mid-IR. A Phosphorus Recovery System could elimate the contaimnation of Phosphorus in the grwoth chamber. Currently, the projects we working on base on this system include semiconductor laser, Self-catalysted nanowired on Si, solar cell, detector and etc.