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E&EE Student awarded a one million yen scholarship

for study in Japan

2nd year UCL E&EE undergrad Lionel Ward lived in Japan for 1.5 years and speaks ‘somewhat fluent’ Japanese, so has had his sights on doing the International Programme with an exchange year in Tokyo since before he started in the 1st year.

During this year Lionel has been anxiously applied to study on exchange at Tokyo’s prestigious Waseda university, and also had the chance to apply for an internship with Orange Labs Tokyo as well as a Japanese government funded JASSO scholarship for the value of one million yen (around £7000). All three applications have been successful, and Lionel departs for Tokyo in late July 2010 to begin the internship, programming smart-phone interfaces in Java. The academic exchange begins in September. The scholarship money comes as a great relief: Tokyo is an even more expensive place than London, and the pound’s exchange rate against the yen has almost halved since 2007.

Lionel says: “I’m so glad that I put in the time and hard work into preparing and studying for this – this academic year is basically six years in the making – as I first departed to Japan in 2006, but spent another two years before that working full-time in London to save money for actually going there. It’s a new beginning – I’ll be attending all my lectures and doing my research project in Japanese – there will be so much work to do – but it’s an environment where I’ll be highly motivated, and where I feel privileged to be”

Note: Waseda’s exchange with UCL has been active for many years, with students coming here from Japan annually – however this year is the first time when any UCL students will actually go to Tokyo – insufficient language skills has always been the issue. But this year three students are going on the exchange – as well as Lionel, David Morgan is also going from UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering, as well as a student from UCL Computer Science.