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The Cisco International Internship Programme

Former student and now Cisco VP visits the department
The Cisco International Internship Programme

John Manvile, Shaw-Jen Chang, Polina Bayvel and Francisco Espana

John Manville, a former student of this department and now Vice President of Global IT Infrastructure for Cisco Systems, visited the department earlier this month with two of his colleagues, Shaw-Jen Chang (VP Information Technology) and Francisco Espana (Design Engineer) to discuss the Cisco International Internship Programme (CIIP) and meet key academics. The photo shows the Cisco visitors meeting with Professor Polina Bayvel, the department's Industrial Liaison Officer.

John was interviewed during his visit and you can read more about tthat on the UCL Engineering website.

The Cisco International Internship Programme (CIIP) gives an opportunity to penultimate year undergraduate students to spend a year working for Cisco Systems at Cisco's Headquarters in San Jose, California. This year, four students from UCL are participating in this programme (3 from this department): Amna Asghar, Boris Dosen, Paris Andreades and Nabil Anis (pictured below in sunny California!). Take a read of the student's blog to find out more about their experiences and to consider participating in this programme next year. The programme is open to all penultimate year students from the department and recruitment will start next month. More details will follow soon in the departmental newsletter!

UCL and Cisco have a close corporate partnership, developing the innovative 'Future Cities Centre' in London's Shoreditch together and hosting a Visiting Speaker Programme to facilitate Cisco CTOs, Distinguished Engineers and Fellows to give lectures at UCL and UCL academics to speak to Cisco staff in San Jose.