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Second year MEng student in West End show

Thomas Smith takes the role of Poseidon
Second year MEng student in West End show

The Trojan Woman Production

Thomas Smith, a second year MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering (International Programme) student played the role of Poseidon in a production of Europides' 'The Trojan Woman' at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Thomas is a member of UCL's Drama Society and has already appeared in a number of plays since starting here as a student. He also finds time to host a weekly live radio show at UCL called 'The Rare House Project', playing jazz, house and electronica on Friday's from 4-5pm. In his latest role in The Trojan Women which ran on 6th and 7th Feb, he was the first actor on stage in a modern day wartime version of the classical play about the horrors of war and the enduring power of human fortitude in the midst of despair.

Whilst Thomas enjoys acting, he thinks he would like to stay in academia longer, doing a PhD or possibly consider working in a communications technology company. This summer he plans to go to China to do a short internship with Huawei before heading on to Perth, Australia to spend a year in the University of Western Australia as part of the department's international programme ( He enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of the EEE department at UCL where lectures start from 10am and the comprehensive notes that are provided by academics and tutors. You can find out more about the Bloomsbury Theatre at and the UCL Drama Society at The play was part of UCL Classical Drama Society. You can read the blog about the Greek play here: