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Dan Mannion interviewed by the IET

Volunteering as a STEM Ambassador

Dan Mannion, a 3rd year Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology, is featured by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) for his work volunteering as a STEM Ambassador.

Dan Mannion’s experience volunteering in STEM activities began when he was in the sixth form, finding maths a real challenge led him to write and publish two maths textbooks on the topic in order to provide support for those struggling to understand the topic, he also acted as a GCSE maths tutor for younger pupils and a teacher trainer for teachers in Gambia. Since starting university Dan has continued to be an active STEM volunteer involved in faculty-led and departmental-led engineering engagement activities and signed up to become a STEM ambassador.

Dan’s been involved in several STEMNET projects including running the UCL Engineering After School Clubs together with Fleming Society students to teach Year 12 students across London, the basics of electronic engineering and programming with the end result of the students producing their own printed circuit board.

As a STEM Ambassador, Dan has also visited several schools to inspire children and young people about engineering and explain what it is that engineers do. Dan feels he’s gained a lot from becoming a STEM ambassador, but he feels the greatest personal gain has been the chance to meet like-minded engineering students. He also thinks that students have an important role to play in changing views of engineering. Being a STEM ambassador has also opened doors to a wider range of opportunities for Dan.

Off the back of his volunteering work, he’s been invited to host a workshop for the Royal Institution where students will demonstrate the work they carry out at UCL.

On being interviewed by the IET, Dan Mannion said:

“Being interviewed by IET has been a great opportunity to advertise the work the team at Fleming Society carry out to inspire young audiences. I’ve been very fortunate since coming to UCL as STEM engagement and volunteering programmes are really well supported by the faculty. It meant I could carry on similar engagement work I had done prior to UCL as well as studying.”

Professor Tony Kenyon, Vice-Dean for Research at UCL Engineering said:

“Dan is both an outstanding student and an excellent, enthusiastic and committed ambassador for science and engineering. He has a real passion to engage with the subject, and to share his obvious fascination for all things scientific."

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