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What our graduates say of UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering

My degrees from UCL have underpinned my career, and given me the confidence and tenacity I needed to succeed. Studying challenging subjects at this level gives you great ‘brain exercise’ that you can apply in many different careers. The strategic problem solving, application of logic and pragmatism I learnt helped me progress in networks at a telecommunications company. I have since moved across to the business side of the company, and still find these fundamental skills put me ahead.

Tammy Saunders, Device Manager at Everything Everywhere (UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering)

The TfL engineering graduate scheme is an excellent opportunity to get further hands on experience and training to be an engineer and manager while building a network of contacts, which will allow swift career progression and chartership within 4-5 years. This is achieved by doing 3 month long placements over 2 years in various departments around the London Underground network.

My UCL Engineering degree helped me develop the foundations of technical understanding and key competencies on which I have been able to build upon within the placements in a relatively short time. As an organisation it is not only the knowledge but other competencies such as the ability to work as a team, communicate ideas and analyse situations that are valued, encouraged and rewarded. UCL promotes the development of these skills in their courses by encouraging students to work in teams, present projects, write reports, attend tutorials and participate in practical labs. Coupled with the opportunity to do other courses such as Project Management, there really is so much on offer to prepare students for the world of work.

Joreel Dawoodi, TfL Electrical and Power Engineering Graduate (UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering)

My degree not only gave me advanced theoretical knowledge in the field of electronic and electrical engineering, but also allowed me to develop practical skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication skills through various projects.  As a Research & Development Engineer, I utilize these skills everyday  to work both autonomously and cooperatively.

Jie Du, Research and Development Engineering, Alstom grid (UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering)