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Videos from the Showcase and Awards Ceremony

For Undergrads on the Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP)

A filmed Showcase and Awards ceremony sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering was held on October 18th to highlight the work of some of our best students from across the UCL Engineering Science faculty on the new undergraduate Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP). The IEP is a teaching framework that allows both specialist and interdisciplinary engineering education to be delivered intelligently across different engineering disciplines. It creates programmes that teach fundamental technical knowledge in tandem with interdisciplinary, research based projects and professional skills. For more information, please go to:

Congratulations to our students who were Technical Presentation Finalists, Alan Bannon who presented on ‘Thorium, our infinity fuel?’and Zheng Chuah, who presented ‘How can self-driving cars change the future?’.

Well done also to Dilan Dhulashia, who was a Technical Report finalist and to Ming-Wei Wei, a Video Finalist.

Judges were from the Royal Academy of Engineering and industry, including IBM and KBR.

Alan Bannon:  "Thorium, our infinity fuel?"

Zheng Chuah: "How can self-driving cars change the future?"

Ming-Wei Wei: "What are Nuclear Reactions?"

You can find all the presentations, covering many latest innovations, technologies and trends in engineering, collected together at:

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