Integrated Communications Management of Broadband Networks

Edited by David Griffin

Crete University Press, Heraklion, Greece
ISBN 960 524 006 8

The adequate management of telecommunications assets is fundamental in supporting the widespread deployment of new telecommunications services. In this context, the RACE project "Integrated Communications Management" (ICM) made a significant contribution to advancing the state-of-the-art in network and service management.

The project built on existing material from research and standardisation initiatives in the areas of TMN specification methodologies, models and architectures; distributed management platforms; network simulators; and design and implementation approaches. ICM addressed performance, configuration and fault management issues in heterogeneous network technologies - in particular ATM and Passive Optical Networks - and end-to-end management of Virtual Private Networks.

This book highlights the work of the ICM project, addressing the technologies and methods required for the management of broadband networks and services. It introduces relevant background information and presents detailed technical descriptions of ICM's results, covering a range of topics related to TMN realisation - from definition of case studies, through design and implementation, to validation and experimentation. The book aims to be self-contained, although a basic knowledge of TMN and ATM is an advantage to the reader.

The book is intended for telecommunications students, researchers, developers and operators interested in studying both the theoretical background to TMN system design and practical aspects of its implementation.

"All students of advanced communications management as well as those researchers interested in investigating the state of the art in telecommunications should find this book extremely valuable and it is without any reservation that we strongly recommend it"

--- European Commission DGXIII - Programme RACE

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