FUSION: novel architectures for service-oriented networking (2013-2015)
ENVISION: cooptimisation of overlay applications and underlying networks (2010-2013)
PeerLive: near real-time P2P audio-visual content distribution (2006-2010)
ICT: the EU FP7 Information and Communication Technologies pages (2007-2013)
AGAVE: lightweight interdomain QoS through differentiated routing (ran until 2008)
MESCAL: interdomain QoS across the Internet (ran until 2005)
IST: the EU FP6 Information Society Technologies pages (2002-2006)
TEQUILA: traffic engineering for QoS in the Internet (ran until 2002)
REFORM: resource failure and restoration management in ATM networks (ran until 1999)
MIAMI: mobile intelligent agents for network management (ran until 2000)
ACTS: the EU Advanced Communications Technologies and Services programme pages
ICM: network management of broadband networks (ran until 1995) [ICM book]
NEMESYS: configuration and performance management of ATM networks (1988-1992)