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Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering,
University College London
Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7JE


Joined UCL in 1990 after 11 years working for Philips Electronics most recently as a project leader and Principal Research Scientist in the device research laboratories. Current UCL duties and interests are listed below.

Student related activities

These include course delivery at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Project supervision and assessment and tutorial duties. A summary of these activities is as follows:

o Course delivery:  Teaching currently on the following courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level: Optoelectronics, Power Electronics, Radar Systems, Antenna and Propagation and Satellite Communications

o Project Supervision: Wide range of projects supervised at undergraduate and postgraduate level including work on satcom datalink and radar systems for civil and defence applications.

o Course Director for the MSc Communications Research

Research activities

Activities include analysis of proposed technical programs, project proposal co-ordination, project planning and management. The latter includes staff recruitment, budget planning and management of teams from various agencies.
  • Represented UCL in several European research consortia and as a member of the organising committee or invited speaker at a number of major European conferences.
  • Carried out research in a broad range of areas. Current and planned areas of research currently include:
Radar/Sensor Systems Research Area
·      Passive systems including wireless LAN detection and monitoring
·      Intelligent Sensing including sensor networks
·      Multistatic and MIMO radar for enhanced detection and identification capabilities
·      Target classification methods
·      Advanced waveform design and methods for detecting low visibility targets in clutter
·      Radar resource management
·      Civil radar applications including terrain monitoring systems
·      Further hardware development of UCL netted and array systems
MBE Research Area
·      III/V on Si for photonic devices
·      Sb based devices for mid-infrared
·      Quantum nanostructure growth 

  •  Published and presented over 150 papers in the areas of semiconductor material and devices, air traffic control systems and radar systems and acted as research proposals referee for both the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the European Commission.

Professional Bodies

Chartered Engineer

Chartered Physicist

Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology

Fellow of the Institute of Physics


Many of my research activities have been carried out in collaboration with Industry including QinetiQ, Thales, BAe Insyte, Selex and National Air Traffic Services Ltd.

I currently hold a post as Visiting Professor in the Radar and Remote Sensing Group at the University of Cape Town

Finally, for some light relief and in order to sneak in an interesting picture...I also hold a UK CAA Private Pilots Licence (Aeroplanes) mostly flying a Piper Archer 11 aircraft.

Contact information:

Dr Karl Woodbridge

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
University College London
Torrington Place

E-mail: k.woodbridge@ee.ucl.ac.uk

UK Telephone: 020-7679-3969
International Telephone: +44-20-7679-3969

UK Fax: 020-7387-4350
International Fax: +44-20-7387-4350

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