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Strings Class:      Additional String manipulations


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This class supplements the Java class String (java.lang.String ). It includes several procedures, extended beyond those of the class String, e.g. in:
  • Case conversions, e.g. title case, sentence case
  • Tokenisation including within files and replacement of separators
  • Concatenation of multiple Strings
  • Tests, e.g. for common multilply occuring special characters
    for alphabetic, decimal, hexadecimal, octal or, binary digits
and some ancillary methods useful in handling Strings:
  • Information about characters. HTML codes and ASCII codes
  • Interconverson of HTML number codes, HTML name codes and ASCII number codes
Several of the methods in this class provide information about the ASCII and HTML encoding of characters; The relevant information is tabulated within a data base accessable to the methods of this class. The default tabulation accesses a list of Windows-1252 (CP-1252) codes. The list of codes, accessed from the database, may be changed, using the setEncodingTabulation method, to either a list of extended ISO-8859-1 encoding in which the codes decimal 128 to 159 are not used or to a list in which codes decimal 128 to 159 contain the C1 set of control characters.
The actual encoding used by the computer may be found by using the encoding methods listed below.

import directive: import flanagan.util.Strings;