PROduction of Broadcast Content in an Object-Oriented IP-based NETwork

A LINK / EPSRC project

EPSRC Grant Reference: GR/M84169/01

LINK Grant Reference: 105224

Principal Investigator: Professor George Pavlou

Partners: Thales Research Ltd., University of Bristol, Sony Broadcast Europe

Project duration: 30 months (1 April 2000 - 30 September 2002)

Project Summary

Broadcast production networks require the transport of high-quality multimedia traffic between outside vans and the main studio. This is typically done through dedicated terrestrial or satellite links, with bandwidth purchased from third party network providers, which is expensive and lacks flexibility. Given the convergence of telecommunications, broadcasting and the Internet, it is plausible to consider Internet-based solutions for digital broadcast content production in order to maximise the relevant flexibility and efficiency. Distributing the production process and team over a wide-area network is expected to reduce costs and increase flexibility, leading to competitive advantages for the broadcaster. In this context, the PRO-NET project was set to investigate the use of Internet Protocol (IP) based networks as the basis for the distributed production of broadcast content and the management and control of broadcast content resources using distributed object technologies.

The PRO-NET LINK project brought together Sony Broadcast Europe (leading partner), Thales (ex-Racal) Research UK, Centre for Communication Systems Research, University of Surrey and Centre for Communications Research, University of Bristol. The project work was divided into two big areas that involved partner pairings:


The overall objectives of this research project are to investigate:


Journal papers

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Conference and Workshop papers

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Book Chapter

[Bonav03] O. Bonaventure, P. Trimintzios, G. Pavlou, B. Quoitin, A. Azcorra, M. Bagnulo, P. Flegkas, A. Garcia-Martinez, P. Georgatsos, L. Georgiadis, C. Jacquenet, L. Swinnen, S. Tandel, S. Uhlig, Internet Traffic Engineering, Quality of Future Internet Services - COST Action 263 Final Report, M. Smirnov et al, eds., pp. 118-179, Springer-Verlag, 2003 (full chapter in Acrobat pdf).

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