Head of Lab

Miguel Rodrigues


Information Theory, Information Processing, Machine Learning


Ziquan Liu

Postdoc Research Fellow

Trustworthy Machine Learning, Computer Vision

PhD Students

Martin Ferianc

Fourth-year PhD Student

Hardware Optimisation and acceleration, Bayesian neural networks, Deep Learning

Zhaoyan Lyu

Fourth-year PhD Student

Lightweight deep learning, Information theory, Image processing

Maria Carolina Novitasari

Third-year PhD Student

Machine Learning and its applications, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Active Learning

Zhuo Zhi

Second-year PhD Student

Perception and control system of robotics, Machine learning and its application in healthcare

Reem Ibrahim Masoud

First-year PhD Student

Recommender Systems, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Control Systems and its applications in business and retail

Mohammed Alshaalan

First-year PhD Student

Machine Learning, Computer Vision


Jaweria Amjad

Previous PhD Student

Deep learning, Generalization behavior of Deep learning solvers for Linear inverse problems in imaging

Rui Qin

Previous Postdoc

Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Affective Computing

Gholamali Aminian

Previous Postdoc

Deep Learning, Molecular Communication and m-health

Wei Pu

Previous Postdoc

Deep Learning, Sparse signal processing and their application to Art investigation

Cerys Jones

Previous Postdoc

Image processing, Spectral imaging and Machine learning

Chao Zhou

Previous PhD Student

Machine Learning and its application to hyperspectral image processing, Communication systems

Afroditi Papadaki

Previous PhD Student

Responsible AI, Optimization, Federated Learning