Screaming in a 20-mile zone: Academic Identities in 2014                        Programme

Collingwood College, Durham University, UK, July 8-9, 2014

Programme and Abstracts

Day 1                   Tuesday 8th July 2014

Individual abstracts may be viewed by clicking on the number preceding each presentation title in the programme below.
An index of abstracts and corresponding sessions, ordered alphabetically by presenter/collaborator surname, may also be found on Abstract Index
Conference Book: Identity Work in the Contemporary University, Exploring an Uneasy Profession, Eds. Jan Smith, Julie Rattray, Tai Peseta and Daphne Loads, Sense Publishers, 2016

9.30-10.30Coffee and Registration – Collingwood College Foyer and Dining Hall
10.30-11.45Welcome and keynote: Forming academic identity/ies in worrying times Professor Pat Thomson, University of Nottingham
11.45-12.00Short Break
12.00-1.00SESSION A 047 A matter of identity or accreditation? An exploration of two conflicting understandings of academic staff development
Daphne Loads

026 Values – whose values?
Charles Neame
031 The academic as a process worker: academic contexts and role incongruence
Judy Nagy

031 The academic role in the future – what could it look like?
Judy Nagy, Susan Robinson and Tony Burch
005 A contribution to the critique of the political economy of academic labour
Joss Winn and Richard Hall

013 From “temple” to “research university”? Discourses on the internationalisation of the Écoles normales supérieures
Anne Schippling
1.00-2.00LUNCH – Dining Hall
2.00-3.30SESSION B 004 Creative research strategies for exploring academic identity
Virginia King and Jennie Billot

020 Power and powerlessness in individual identity-making
Neil Mclean

008 Enacting blended learning tactically: academic identities at work
Giedre Kligyte, Negin Mirriahi and Jan McLean
002 The curious power of alienation
Paul Sutton

015 When good students go bad
Marianne Dickie

018 Subjectivities and the negotiation of identity: the possibility of multidisciplinary analysis of a mature born-again Christian studying in higher education
Paul Smith
021 Multiple African academic identities
Lene Madsen

003 The head and the heart: the personal portfolio and the development of identity as a tertiary educator
Dorothy Spiller and Pip Bruce Ferguson

006 Ways of being an academic with working knowledge, emotions and notions of identity
Rhonda Hallett
3.30-4.00COFFEE BREAK – Dining Hall
4.00-5.30SESSION C 009 ‘Messy business’: academic developers leading other academic developers in a curriculum realignment exercise in a contemporary Australian university
Sharon Thomas and Moira Cordiner

023 Supporting the development of an ‘educator’ identity within a research-intensive university
Clare Kell and Cath Camps
030 Forging academic identities from within: lessons from the Ancient World
Susan Robinson

024 Transgressing the power/powerless divide: Hong Kong academic women
Sarah Aiston

025 The powerful and the powerless: academics’ identities in a time of change
Angela Brew, David Bound, Karin Crawford and Lisa Lucas
019 Tangled up: mixing professional and personal identities in academic writing for publication
Gina Wisker

012 Understanding the construction of the frame for professional identity: a case study of Japanese academics in early career stage
Machi Sato
7.00Conference Dinner, St Mary’s College

Academic Identities Conference 2014

Programme and Abstracts

Day 2             Wednesday 9th July 2014

Individual abstracts may be viewed by clicking on the number preceding each presentation title in the programme below.
An index of abstracts and corresponding sessions, ordered alphabetically by presenter/collaborator surname, may also be found on Abstract Index

9.00-10.30SESSION D 052 The shame of teaching
Rosie Miles

034 The uneasy academics: performing and conforming in the contemporary Ontario university
Sandra Acker and Michelle Webber

041 Made clearer by the dozen: expressing an academic identity for the first time
Louise Wilson
043 An exploration into the influence an MA Education has on emerging identities
Vanessa Cottle

038 #Adjunct and #AltAc empowerment: using Twitter to foster online learner community in a shifting higher education
Jeffrey Keefer
044 A new tribe on campus: an evaluation of a different type of Graduate Teaching Assistant role
Carole Davis and Agi Ryder

045 Toward a conceptual framework of personal, professional and situational teacher identity: a study of multiple teacher selves in Further and Adult Education in Ireland
Valerie Mannix and Anne Graham Cagney

016 Professional education for sustainability – Practice Education Supervision – moving forward in challenging times
Aoife Prendergast
10.30-11.00COFFEE BREAK – Dining Hall
11.00-12.30SESSION E 040 From Temptation to Penance – Exploring the Dispositions of the Contemporary Academic (Symposium)
Karla Benske, Catriona Cunningham, Sam Ellis and Daphne Loads
032 Student voice: new forms of power and governmentality in higher education
Rebecca Freeman

017 ‘There may be something wrong there in terms of imposing silence on the people’ – deliberations on academic identity and pedagogic practices in the HE classroom
Jo Peat and Julie Hall

028 Writing of the heart: auto-ethnographic writing as subversive story telling
Simon Warren
035 Shifting occupational identity: envisioning ourselves as scholars
Tracy Fortune, Priscilla Ennals and Kate D’Cruz

039 Where academics oscillate, within the field of higher education
Melinda Lewis

053 Resistance, anomie, opportunism and defeat: precarious academic identities in an age of enterprise
Ray Land
12.30-1.30LUNCH – Dining Hall
1.30-3.00SESSION F 014 The ghost of disciplines past: educational developers and intersecting identities
David Green and Deandra Little

033 ‘A sheep in wolf’s clothing’ – reflections on the identity transformation of becoming an administrator
Brad Wuetherick

036 Negotiating teacher identities in an academic workgroup
Tai Peseta, John Hannon, Graham Hendry, Giedre Kligyte, Brenda Leibowitz, Jan McLean, Jan Smith and Gina Wisker
037 More than just a Teaching Fellow: the development of the academic identity of UK life sciences teaching academics
Anne Tierney

048 Promoting ‘SOTL identity play’ in higher education – a conceptual framework for teaching faculty agency and learning
Valerie Mannix and Carole Davis
027 Geographies of aspiration within the university: first-generation students within doctoral education
Catherine Mitchell

046 A matter of identity or commodity? An exploration of the impact of work placement experience on Information Technology undergraduates
Neil Lent

3.00-3.30COFFEE BREAK – Dining Hall
3.30-4.30Keynote: Academic Not-identities: or the politics of the invisible, a social science fiction Professor Mike Neary, University of Lincoln
4.30-4.45Thanks and Close

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