Professor J H F Meyer

Professor Erik Meyer has two symbiotic research interests: in university teaching, and student learning wellbeing. In order to inform teaching, much of his earlier research activity concentrated on the quantitative modelling of individual differences in students' learning. This modelling work has, in turn, been used since 2004 as the basis for further research in developing mechanisms to help students develop their metalearning capacity (awareness of, and control over, their learning). The more recent development of the Threshold Concepts Framework integrates these modelling and metalearning interests and extends them into new research domains as reflected in his most recent publications.

Professor Meyer held the Chair of Education in the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) at The University of Queensland, Australia and, previously, the Chair of Education and the Directorship of the Centre for Learning, Teaching, and Research in Higher Education in the School of Education at Durham University, UK.