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I'm a Professor of Computer Networks at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London. I belong to the Communications and Information Systems Group where we are actively designing many components of the Future Internet and help changing the way people communicate and access information in the 21st Century. Some of the areas I am active and always looking for bright and enthusiastic PhD students include:

  • P2P Real-time delivery - In the PeerLive project we are designing a system that will deliver live data (video, audio, etc) using the P2P paradigm. We address s several research issues: quick peer finding, QoS optimization and incentives for cooperation. We published in INFOCOM 2009 a novel mechanism for P2P incentives that solves many of the existing problems. Paper here .
  • Routing Resilience and Quality of Service - Are are presenting in Hotnets a very cool paper that implements routing resilience using packet re-cycling. We have also done lots of work on improving quality of service routing.
  • Internet Topologies and Generation Models - We have produced several publications that analyze Internet topologies and their dynamics. We have developed FETA framework to allow other researchers to evaluated their own models (paper in INFOCOM's NetSciCom here . This year we have published an interesting paper in Transactions on Networkingn that achieves novel conclusions on Internet topology evolution.
  • Network Monitoring and Measurement - In the MASTS project we built one of the world largest databases of packet traces from real traffic. We are now analyzing this data and provide solutions to several networking problems. One of such example is flow inversion (how to deduce which flows are in a network from limited packet sampling). We are expanding this research area considerably.
  • Congestion Control and Congestion Exposure - We are trying to re-engineering the way congestion is dealt with in the Internet (recent paper in ReArch here). Recently we developed an algorithm to adequetely improve congestion response that uses just one bit.

I have a long term interest in Multicast. In the past I was involved in the following research projects: CONGA , DataTAG , MBNG ,UKLight and Promile I set up ISNO (the Intelligent Systems for Network Optimization centre) - with colleagues Paulo Cortez , Miguel Rocha and Pedro Sousa from the University of Minho


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Pages that deserve a link: The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences , the Self Referential sentences page , My favourite Wikipedia entry and, of course, How Stuff Works

If you need good open source design the OSWD has many good free examples. I find this page on Intelligent Design very interesting !!!

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