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This page lists the references in which at least one of the authors carried out the research in South Korea.

South Korea

  Park, E. J. (2015) Impact of Teachers’ Overcoming Experience of Threshold Concepts in Chemistry on Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) Development,
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society 59 (4), 308-319.           (last accessed: 13 August 2015)

  Kim, M. [김민성] (2013) 교사들이 인지하는 고등학생들의 한국지리 오개념,
대한지리학회지 제48권 제3호 2013(482~496)
[High School Students' Geographic Misconceptions Recognized by Teachers
Korean Geographical Society, Issue 3, 2013, Article 48, 482-496.]           (last accessed: 11 September 2013)

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