OSIMIS - OSI Management Information Service

OSIMIS (OSI Management Information Service) is a C++-based object-oriented management platform based on the OSI Systems Management (OSI-SM) model and can be used for the development of Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) applications. Apart from generic support for building applications in agent and manager roles, OSIMIS also supports a generic CMIS/P to SNMP gateway for integrating devices with SNMP interfaces. OSIMIS uses the ISODE (ISO Development Environment) upper layer OSI stack that can operate over X.25, CLNP but also over TCP/IP using the RFC1006 method. OSIMIS provides object-oriented ASN.1 and GDMO compilers, generic agent infrastructure known as the Generic Managed System (GMS), generic manager infrastructure known as the Remote MIB (RMIB) and generic applications in the form of an MIB Browser, a set of generic command-line managers and the generic CMIS/P to SNMP gateway.

OSIMIS was originally developed by University College London (UCL) in the late 1980's and early 1990's. It was used extensively in both research and commercial environments given the absence of commercial object-oriented TMN platforms in the early and mid 1990's. Versions until 3.0 were fully in the public domain while version 4.0 was available through a licence agreement for commercial use but was still free for research. After its key developers left UCL, it stopped being ported to the latest GNU compiler / Unix versions and it was eventually withdrawn after year 2000. In the context of the EU EMANICS Network of Excellent for the Management of the Internet and Complex Services, OSIMIS has been ported to recent GNU compiler / Linux versions and is being made available through a GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL).

Both OSIMIS and ISODE work with GNU g++/gcc version 4.0.2 on latest versions of Linux. You will first have to get the ISODE-8.0.5 tar archive (3600K) that contains the original 8.0 source archive and 5 patch archives. It should be mentioned that not all of ISODE has been ported but just the parts that are required for OSIMIS, i.e. the upper layer stack library and the pepsy ASN.1 compiler. For building ISODE as required by OSIMIS see this README file. You will then have to get OSIMIS through the OSIMIS-4.0.12 tar archive (5700K) that contains the original 4.0 source archive and 12 patch archives. For building OSIMIS see this README file. Binary distributions will be also included in the future.

There is a lot of information about OSIMIS in tutorials, book chapters, papers and manuals. Relevant information is listed below.

For more information you may contact George Pavlou.

George Pavlou (g dot pavlou at ee dot ucl dot ac dot uk)