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This page describes the procedures for searching the pages of above Threshold Concepts Web Site by subject, author or country.


Search by Subject

A search by subject may be conducted via the extensive
subject index or by a word search Java application.

     The subject index may be found on Subject Index.
A condensed, across the page, version of this index may be found as the Specific Topics List.

Java Search Application - SearchTC
     A downloadable Java application is available which enables a search of the Threshold Concept Website Main Page and all the associated bibliography pages (Subjects A to Subjects Z) for occurences, in the cited reference titles, of a search word or phrase entered into the Java application, SearchTC. As this is a Java application a computer on which either the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or the Java Development Kit (JDK) as been installed is required.

Download instructions:
Click here to download a Platform 9 version of SearchTC.class
Save as SearchTC.class.
The version of Java Platform 9 used in compiling the class was jdk-9.0.1 [Platform 8 version available on request from Mick Flanagan].
Last update of SearchTC: 21 November 2017.

On runnning SearchTC [java SearchTC] a dialogue box will appear requesting the search word or phrase:

On entering the search word or phrase a second dialogue box will be displayed:

This allows the search to be restricted to the exact word entered or extended to include closely related words, e.g. the corresponding singular if the entered word is a plural, words with the same stem but alternative endings, e.g. ~ing, a final ~y converted to ~ies and the reverse, etc. For example on entering story as the search word titles containing either stories or storytelling will be included in the search results if the ‘Related worlds allowed’ option is chosen but will be excluded if the ‘Exact word only’ option is chosen.

On completion of the search the application will save an html file, xxx_search_r.html or xxx_search_r.html, in the same folder as that in which SearchTC.class was saved and where xxx is the entered search word. The file name will end in _e if the exact search word option has been chosen and end in _r if the plus related words option has been chosen. This html file will display all the references in which the search word or phrase is present in the title of the referenced work. Links to all subject pages in which each reference is cited will also be displayed.
Examples of the output of the program SearchTC:
See Search Example One, humanities_search_r.html, for the results using the search word humanities.
See Search Example Two, graduate_search_r.html, for the results using the search word graduate with the Related words allowed option.
See Search Example Three, graduate_search_e.html, for the results using the search word graduate with the Exact word only option.

Search by Author

A search by author may be conducted via the extensive author index. This index may be found on
Author Index.
The authors cited in the main and bibliography pages are all listed alphabetically, by surname, in the author index. Each author’s cited publications are listed chronologically below that author’s name header. A click on the author name header links to the author’s home page at the date of publication of the most recently cited paper, if such a page is available.

Search by Country

A search by country may be conducted via the extensive country index. This index may be found on
Country Lists.
The Country Lists index lists the references, cited in the Threshold Concept Bibliography Main and Subject Pages, under the countries of the contributing institutions. Each reference listed under a designated country contains at least one author listed in the reference as working in an institution within that country.

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