Wireless Technologies
Ryan Grammenos and Izzat Darwazeh
FPGA design considerations for non-orthogonal FDM signal detection
Paul Whatmough and Izzat Darwazeh
Robust Digital Signal Processing for Wireless SoCs
Xiaodi Sha
Sensitivity of dispersion characteristics of a sandwiched coplanar waveguide at 0-70 ghz to changes of device dimensions
Wireless Modulation and Coding
Foluwaso Tade and Yichuang Sun
A 4x4 MIMO-OFDM System with MRC in a Rayleigh Multipath Channel for WLAN
Vahid Fotoohabadi, Fatin Said and Hamid Aghvami
Space Time and Frequency Adaptive Switching in Nakagami Fading Channel
Mohammad Saleem Akhtar
Channel Encoder Optimisation for Resources, Efficiency and Speed
Goodwell Kapfunde and Yichuang Sun
Performance Evaluation of Linear Detectors for LDPC-Coded MIMO Systems
Safa Isam and Izzat Darwazeh
Investigating the performance of spectrally efficient FDM system in time varying fading channel
Wireless Sensors and Ad Hoc Networks
Jeff Foley and Gavin Churcher
Sensor Networks: Enabling the Sensor Web and Facilitating Data Fusion
Darminder Ghataoura
An Architecture to Support Mission Orientated Wireless Sensor Network Surveillance Applications
Ejiro Igbesoko, Thaddeus Eze and Mona Ghassemian
Performance Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols over Different Mobility Models
Thaddeus Eze and Mona Ghassemian
Heterogeneous Mobility Models Scenario: Performance Analysis of Disaster Area for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
M. Junayed Islam and Mona Ghassemian
Multiple Criteria Message Broadcasting and Forwarding Technique fo rWireless Ad Hoc Networks
Data Processing and User Interaction
David Thompson
Behavioural Markers of Controller Development with Electronic Flight Progress Strips
Matthew Ritchie, Andy Stove and Karl Woodbridge
Analysis of fit of K-distribution to CSIR sea clutter data
Marc Perrett
Implementation of a M-Sequence Pseudo Random Binary Sequence audio measurement system based on the Hadamard transform
Etito Ohwovoriole and Yiannis Andreopoulos
Rate-Distortion Performance Of Contemporary Video Codecs: Comparison Of Google/WebM VP8, AVC/H.264 and HEVC TMuC
Ioannis Tsakos and Yiannis Andreopoulos
Multiport Streaming Of Matroska (MKV) Video Over IP
Keith Knaggs
Are wireline data and mobile infrastructure vendors the same?
Yiannis Tofis, Ioannis Psaras and George Pavlou
Modelling Queuing Delays in Content-Centric Networks
Santosh Kawade
Avoiding Spectral Congestion: An Enhanced Cognitive Radio Approach
Xavier Jover Segura
QoE in Femtocells
Suksant Sae Lor and Miguel Rio
Enhancing Repair Coverage of Loop-Free Alternates
Photonics London I
Efthymios Rouvalis, Cyril C. Renaud and Alwyn J. Seeds
Ultra-Fast Photodiodes for Terahertz Generation
Raimund Mueckstein, Huiyun Liu and Oleg Mitrofanov
Development of an electro-optic resonator probe for Terahertz imaging
Claudiu Biris and Nicolae Panoiu
Non-linear Plasmonic Cavities made of Metallic Nanowires: Theoretical Analysis and Applications
Photonics London II
Oluyemi Omomukuyo and John Mitchell
Impact of Mach-Zehnder non-linearity on the Receiver Sensitivity of Direct-Detection Optical OFDM
Muhammad Ijaz, Zabih Ghassemlooy, Hoa le-minh and Sujan Rajbhandari
All-optical Fog Sensor for Determining the Fog Visibility Range in Optical Wireless Communication Links
Arash Bahrami, Thavamaran kanesan and Wai Pang Ng
Performance Evaluation of Radio-over-Fibre Systems Using Mach-Zehnder Modulator
Ahmed Mashhour and John Mitchell
Radio-over-Fibre Business Assessment for Road Vehicle Communication